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Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein

Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein is the principal shareholder of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG), and as such has been a long-standing and trusted partner of Dom Museum Wien. „Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein and Dom Museum Wien have much in common“, said VIG-Director Dr. Günter Geyer. „Both have historically close ties to the church and ecclesiastical institutions, both are actively committed to the promotion of contemporary art, and both are dedicated to confronting social and intercultural issues.“ For many years, Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein has also been at the forefront of efforts to conserve and preserve St. Stephen's Cathedral.

In light of this, supporting Dom Museum Wien – as well as supporting its renovation and repositioning - is a subject very near and dear to Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein.

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"Chocolate for everyone“ was Josef Manner's motto when he founded the confectionary dynasty in 1890. Josef Manner I., a merchant, had a small shop in the heart of Vienna - at the exact spot where Dom Museum Wien is located today - where he sold chocolate, among other things. When he grew dissatisfied with the quality of his suppliers' chocolate, and the price of what was then a luxury item seemed to have become much too expensive to him, he decided to begin creating his own products. On March 1. 1890, he founded the "Chocoladenfabrik Josef Manner“. His recipe for success, "value for money and tasty,“ took hold and Manner became the leading confectioners. To this day, Manner is an indelible part of Austria's confectionary culture.

The most famous Manner product is the Manner Original Neapolitan Wafers, which were created in 1898. By opening up the successful Manner Shop at Stephansplatz 7, the Manner company has returned to its historic roots. Up to 4.000 Manner wafers are sold there every day. 
Manner is also represented at the site of its foundation, at Stephansplatz 6 in the Dom Museum Wien. Exclusive Manner products are available in the museum shop, and ticket-holders are eligible for discounted purchases in the Manner shop.

Manner is a perennial favorite ....even at Dom Museum Wien!

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Schelhammer & Schattera

Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera, founded in 1832, is closely connected to the Catholic Church. For many decades, this was manifested in a majority ownership by the Association of Superiors of Male Orders. Today, it is a subsidiary of Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung, with a focus on ethics and sustainability, and institutions of the Catholic Church as part of its core clientele. The corporate philosophy of Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera is guided by the principles of christian values.

It is not least due to these characteristics and this history, that Bankhaus Schelhammer & Schattera supports Dom Museum Wien as an institution of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Our appreciation for Dom Museum Wien is based on its mission to preserve the tradition-laden history of sacred art, as well as its emphasis on the advancement of contemporary art. 

>> Schelhammer & Schattera


Theehandlung Schönbichler

In 1870, Johann Schönbichler opened a tea specialty shop at Wollzeile 4, at "Zwettlerhof", a tradition which has been upheld until today. Theehandlung Schönbichler is not only a next-door neighbor, but also Dom Museum Wien's exclusive tea partner.

>> Theehandlung Schönbichler

Ö1 Club

Dom Museum Wien is a partner of the Ö1 Club. Club members receive a €1,- discount on admission (offer is valid for 2 persons at a time). Discounted tickets are available at the ticket desk. 

>> Ö1 Club

Theologische Kurse

The Theological Courses are an adult education institution of the Archdiocese of Vienna and the Austrian Bishops' Conference.

>> Theologische Kurse

Vineyard Erich & Walter Polz

For many generations, the name Polz has stood for an almost hand-crafted terroir that makes their passion and attention to detail come alive in each glass. The Vineyard Erich & Walter Polz is Dom Museum Wien's wine partner.

>> Polz Vineyard

Vienna Airport

Vienna Airport handled a record-breaking 24.4 million passengers in 2017. Many of these travellers are tourists who visit Vienna - the city whose countless museums and cultural highlights makes it one of the world's most popular tourist destinations.

>> Vienna Airport

radio klassik Stephansdom

Every day, radio klassik Stephansdom attracts a multitude of culture-conscious listeners with its diverse and sophisticated programs - as does our cooperation partner, Dom Museum Wien, with its exhibitions.

>> radio klassik Stephansdom

café+co / Naber

café+co and Naber Coffee are Dom Museum Wien's partners.

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>> Naber

CarBiz – Caritas Education Center

Among many other services, the CarBiz - Caritas Education Center offers German courses with accompanying social counseling, educational counseling and career guidance. The art education department of Dom Museum Wien cooperates with CarBiz within the framework of education and language promotion programs as well as creative programs in the Dom Atelier.

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S IMMO’s real estate meets people’s basic needs with regard to living- and work spaces. This results in a closeness to society and a responsibility with regard to economic, environmental, and social issues. The company lives up to this responsibility by working together with various charitable institutions – as well as educational- and arts and culture institutions. Dom Museum Wien brings together centuries-old treasures with contemporary masterpieces, creating new perspectives for young and old. We are happy to support this endeavor with our contribution.



Doing ordinary things exceptionally well. The Faber-Castell brand has been pursuing this goal since 1761. Our focus is to enable individual and creative development for people of all ages. Through artistic tools and high-quality writing instruments, our global brand is a companion for life.
Faber-Castell is a creative partner of Dom Museum Wien.

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