The photo of a wound is – like a painting – a picture. Like a wound itself, it is also a trace. In this way, photography resembles the relic, the remnant, or the imprint, but it also opens itself to fiction. Bloody Pictures. From Image to Trace locates the medium itself in this field of tension. Philosopher and visual theorist Klaus Speidel has developed this virtual exhibition within the exhibition "Zeig mir deine Wunde" (Show Me Your Wound) at Dom Museum Wien. There, real relics, Christian art, photographs, sculptures, and destroyed or repaired objects come together in an unusual way. Pictures and films by artists such as Renate Bertlmann, Andres Serrano or VALIE EXPORT encounter a piece of Christ’s Shroud, the flesh of ORLAN, an exploded bomb suit or the hide of a sick animal: the relationships between real and depicted trace, photography, fictionality, and body, which have occupied art and sign theory for centuries, are simultaneously theoretically examined and made tangible.

The co-curator of "Show Me Your Wound," Klaus Speidel, will lead the guided tour.

During the new FOTO WIEN Festival, Month of Photography, Vienna will be focused on photography from March 20th to April 20th, 2019. The aim of this event is to showcase not just photography as an art medium but also the local photography scene. More than 100 program partners – museums, exhibition venues, galleries, art universities, artists’ initiatives, and off-spaces – will offer new insights into both the local and the international photography scenes.